The App Millionaire Audiobook By Greg Shealey

It has been reported that in 2012, the revolutionary new app called Angry Birds Space was downloaded by eager new users over fifty million times in the first 35 days that it was launched. Big numbers, that’s for sure. The wild success of Angry Birds Space, not to mention the tremendous amounts of profit created by the sale of the app, has inspired many to pursue programming as well as go into the highly profitable world of making apps for a living. But what else you see when you go into the App Store are thousands of other apps just sitting there waiting to launch. For every Flappy Bird and Angry Birds Space, there are literally thousands of varying apps that are waiting to launch and make it big. They might not be making millions of dollars right off the bat, but there are a significant amount of apps that do make money. From the thousands to the tens of thousands, there are plenty of apps designed by people that are making them sleeper income. This is the topic discussed in The App Millionaire audiobook (which you can download for free with a promo code from audible).  Continue reading ‘The App Millionaire Audiobook By Greg Shealey’

Introduction To Making An iOS App

Making an iOS app is not difficult to do if you have the right tools in place. This introduction to making an iOS app will not only show you what you need to make an app, but also the simple process entailed with making an app. When learning how to make an app, it is easier to learn along the way, while building the app, rather than simply reading materials. Initially, you need the required tools for building, and must learn the basic terminology for developing an app. You will then employ basic concepts, and practice these concepts, in order to learn the basics of developing.  You also might want to create a forum for your website in case people have trouble with your app and need help. Continue reading ‘Introduction To Making An iOS App’

Top 5 Apps That Make INSANE Amounts of Cash!

Apple has admitted and openly discussed its 1.25 million apps, which account for over 50 billion downloads, and over $5 billion dollars paid to the top iPhone App developers in the game. To Apple, this is a sign of pride–the ability to pyramid the entire development of apps. The Apple App Store features an update list of the current top apps on the market making it really easy to stay on top of what’s trending now. Continue reading ‘Top 5 Apps That Make INSANE Amounts of Cash!’

How To List An App On The iOS App Store

Apple Inc has revolutionized the way we do business and selling apps is no different. Using the App store, which is a digital distribution platform that the company owns and maintains, you can publish your app software for use by others. The app that you publish can be used free of charge or sold to any person who has an Apple divide that runs on iOS. Continue reading ‘How To List An App On The iOS App Store’